video installation – 2005 – 27 drawings, pencil on letter paper, Video, 10′ loop, projection on monitor

Series of 27 recordings and 27 drawings. Each recording shows a person while drawing a video camera, which at the same time is recording the person who is drawing it. Each person is presented 2 minutes at different moments of the recording.

Silvia Henze, Jürgen Fehrman, Adriana Rodríguez, Henning Graner, Benjamín Schurian, Melanie Schneider, Christine Kriegerowski,Christoph Tempel, Bernhard Schurian, Claudia Rodríguez, Martin Wirth, Elke Defourney, Andrea Jaschinski, Nicolás Schurian, Vehelma González, María Linares, Yassir Mahmoudi, Stephan Kurr, Virginia Alvear, Ulrike Markert, Thomas Brovot, Anja Katsura, Kleimer Angel, Michael Lüthy, Kolja Kolhoff, Christian Hansen, Angélica Chio.

Exhibitions, festivals: 2007 Images Festival 20th edition, exhibition Mechanics of the Medium, York Quay Centre, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada

Aufzeichnen – Recording

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