Series of dialogues hosted by plus minus 7 project for contemporary art (Angelica Chio / Kirsten Einfeldt / Gonzalo Ortega) in cooperation with Sparwasser HQ and allgirls international art berlin – Berlin – 2007

Personal and business – New Positions from Mexico is inspired by the continuous flow of artists and curators between Mexico and Germany. In the past years, temporarily or permanently, more and more Latin-American artists moved to Berlin. This year important events in the international art scene focus the attention of Latin-Americans artists and curators especially on Germany. Personal and business – New Positions from Mexico is a series of dialogues intending to picture the dynamics and the resulting creative possibilities of this tendency.

Guests: Laboratorio Curatorial 060 (Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Lourdes Morales, Javier Toscano, Daniela Wolf),  Iván Edeza and Erick Meyenberg

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Privat und geschäftlich – Personal and business

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