Fugacious and fragmentary images of a woman and a man, who walk around the city accompanied by a song composed by typical and singular expressions from adds posted by persons looking for partner.

English version “Let us first be friends”

Video – 3’ 24’’ – 2006 – language: english – original music “Oh dem Golden Slippers” by James A. Bland (1879) – played and arranged by Gonzalo Ortega – Interpreters: Blàn Ryan and Thomas Starke – Speech: Ben Heath

German version “Bei Kerzenschimmer und Sonnenschein” (By candlelight and sunshine)

Video – 4 min – 2005 – language: german – music composed and arranged by Karsten Birtock – Interpreters: Karsten Birtock and Christine Kriegerowski – Speech: Christian Hansen

Spanish version “Alguien con quien compartir” (Someone to share with)

Video – 3’ 34’’ – 2005 – language: spanish – music composed and arranged by Gonzalo Ortega – Interpreters: Andrea Bucheli and Christian Gerstner – Speech: Erick Meyenberg

Exhibitions, festivals: 2014 2. Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals, Berlin; 2012 Warten auf das ZEBRA: Die Berliner Poesiefilmszene, Berlin; 2011 Poetry rocks! Berlin; 5th. 2007 Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, Vancouver. Canada; AluCine Toronto Latin Media Festival, Toronto, Canada; 2006 Videobardo, II Festival Internacional de Videopoesía, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 3rd ZEBRA Poetry Film Award, Berlin

Let us first be friends

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