Drawing – Ljusne, Sweden – 2015

Angelica Chio comes from Germany but was born in Mexico, she is an artist, printmaker, animator, Spanish teacher and tailor among many other qualifications. Coming from Mexico Angelica is concerned with how water is polluted and people and their land are exploited poisoned big scale to produce/dye the ubiquitous blue jeans.
In Ljusne Kraftstationen (formerly containing a waterturbine) Angelica found a sewing machine and decided to combine her sewing and art-making by drawing with this sewing machine. Remembering Mexican rebozos that often represent Mexican histories or legends she decided to represent recent industrial history. She depicts a woman (of course she wears blue jeans) washing in the river, others carrying water and above them the containers for the blue color, a dog drinking from the river and plants that the blue water from the denim trousers rains on.
The pictures consist of holes, made with a sewing machine in Angelica’s Ljusne maquiladora. It is hard to see them, you have to put light behind or from the side to make them visible. This is so much like truth – it is not easily uncovered.

Christine Kriegerowski

Exhibitions: Näst Sista, Ljusne, Sweden

Denim blue

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