Art action – daily services (Angélica Chio / María Linares) – Public spaces and Cafés in Bogota – 2003

Action  carried out in various cafés around Bogota. In each café, the table with the best view has been intervened so that it functions as an observation post. A special dispenser full of questionnaires is placed on each table, inviting customers to participate in the project. While enjoying his/her coffee, the customer may fill out a questionnaire according to his/her observations of what goes on outside on the street. The questionnaire contains brief descriptions of daily matters relevant to passers-by. These descriptions have been devised according to interviews conducted previously in Bogota.

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Exhibitions: Espacio la Rebeca, Bogota

Realised within the Artists Residencies Program Mexico-Colombia 2003 by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA), Mexico and Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia


Daily coffee

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