Art action – daily services (Angélica Chio / María Linares) – Mexico city, Berlin, New York, Kyoto, Bogota, Paris, Sevilla – 2002

Goods packing action in supermarkets. daily services offers to pack the clients’ goods in special bags at the cashier’s desk. The bags are printed with recent photographs of daily life. By carring the goods home, the shoppers create an image exchange, displaying pictures of other cities.

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Photographers: Cristina Piza, Bernhard Schurian, Maria Linares, Diego Pérez, Pavka Segura, Angélica Chio, Mónica Castillo, Corey Sipkin.

Supermarkets: Carrefour, Mexico city; miniMAL, Berlin; Daikokuya, Kyoto; Keyfood, New York; Diagonal, Paris; Supersol, Sevilla.

Exhibitions, Festivals: 2002 MexartFest Mexican Contemporary art Creation, Kyoto, Japan; Jóvenes Creadores, Mexico; UNIA Sevilla; Instant City, Instituto de México, Paris.

Special thanks to Yukiko Kakimoto, Issis Gallery, Hector Falcón, Omar Torres, Roberto de la Torre, Asako Onoyama, Kei Kihara, Diego Pérez, Corey Sipkin, Mauricio Alejo, Hilaria Chio, Rosa Elia Chio and Emiliano Tenorio.

Realised within the Program Jóvenes Creadores 2001-2002 (Young Creators Program), Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes FONCA, Mexico

Daily bags

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